New ‘Old Style’ Certificates and logbooks tailor made to you and your vehicle

Ideal finishing touch to go with the ‘Reproduction’ period tax disc and a nice extra touch for those shows.

We’ve done the research and produced a range of logbooks that are similar in style¬†to those original early Certificates and the R.F.12, R.F.60 and V.E.60 logbooks issued from the 1921 up to 1974 (and beyond) when the V5 took over. Click here to see a few examples.

Fully customise-able to suit any vehicle and we’ll even put the correct rate of road tax on. We’ve got a good range of period stamps that can be applied.

We can do a restoration on an existing book by transferring all of the original stamps to a new book.

How about an old style driving licence notebook to keep in your glove-box and track the mpg?

If you already have the ‘original’ logbook check out the ‘I have the original logbook‘ page. You might be surprised.

If you ever wondered why things changed over the last 120 years or so Click here.

Any questions please ask. More than happy to help.