We have a range of logbook stamps that can now be added to your new vehicle logbook .

All stamps can be perfect or faded for a bit more realism.


First of all we have a couple of options for stamping the Road Tax boxes up to 1967.

The more common round stamp used alongside hand written amount and expiry date; and the later, less common, oblong stamp with printed dates.


Then we have the Issuing Authority. This is our generic stamp but we are happy to put in whatever Authority details you require. There are many.                                                                                                                               Every Logbook should have one of these, most but not all actually do.

The end of ‘Road Tax’ in your logbook. All current logbooks were stamped after 1967 with this.

The next few are ‘Fuel Rationing’ stamps and are from WWII and the Suez crisis.

First of all we will start with this stamp which we’ve seen only a couple of times. We believe it to be related to fuel rationing during and after WW2 but if anybody has further definite knowledge please let us know. There is usually a letter eg ‘A’ hand written in the middle and the ‘N M I D’ is sometimes different

Now for the more common Fuel Rationing stamps. These are applicable for vehicles that were on the road prior to 1950.


This stamp is applicable to vehicles on the road before May 1957

Finally some other stamps that crop up. The first is quite common in green logbooks the rest are a rarity.


Most stamps can be done in a range of colours.                                                                                                        Black, Blue, Red, Green and Purple have all certainly been used.