‘Old Style’ Driving Licences. Could be a glovebox notepad or an alternative birthday gift. Could also be used as a novelty ‘Old Style’ driving licence for that little extra at shows etc.

The covers are all thick paper, which is correct for the buff licences but not the red ones. They were originally a hard board with canvas, but this would be too costly to produce to be worth it.

If you wanted we could add in any extras or alter the wording to whatever you wanted. These are made from scratch so we can alter anything.

First red Licence from around 1934

Buff Licence from  ’54 ish

Red licence from the ’64

Final red Licence from 1970 until the new paper licences were issued from 1976 on at renewal time.

All will have the useful centre pages for MPG tracking. The old fashioned way.

How about some endorsements?  We can make these for anything including not walking the dog, or worse!

There are 10 pages (14 on the 70 to 76) in total leaving some blank for whatever you want (embarrassing photo maybe or even a novel greeting card).

How many
Year & Quantity