Would you like a new ‘Old Style’ logbook?

As a benefit for clubs, or small groups, we will do 5 logbooks for the price of 4 when ordered together. Which is effectively a 20% discount.

Below is a request form that outlines what we need to tailor each logbook to exactly what you want. Just email it back to us once you have filled in what you need to.

Request-Form (PDF)

Request-Form (Word)

See the What you get with a new Logbook page for details of what we do

and the page on why they aren’t actually re-production

The cost is £25 for a new logbook, £15 for a pre-1921 certificate

£10 for a re-print or £45 for a ‘restoration‘.

Type of print
Year & Quantity

Also check out the Old Style licence notepads ‘here‘ for a £5