Quite a lot of people think they already have the original logbook. This is unlikely but not unheard of.

The easiest check is to compare the ‘Date of Original Registration’ with the date on the post office stamp next to it. If they are not the same then you probably have a continuation or replacement logbook. This means you will more than likely have the wrong style of logbook as well.

The history page may also give some clues as well.

We can fix this for you by creating a correct ‘Style’ one for you.

Just see the shop page

If you want to re-claim an old number from your original logbook then you need to go through the owners clubs using the V765 form. They are approved to verify authenticity. R.F.60 and V.E.60 logbooks are no longer valid documents, as many will attest to, having tried to get a replacement V5 by sending directly to the DVLA.