Some examples of the ‘Old Style’ logbooks we can make for you.

We begin in 1904 with the Council issued ‘Certificate’, similar to wedding and birth certificates. These were only a copy of an entry in the official register held by the local authority. Original ones of these are ultra rare.

The first proper logbook came into being in January 1921 and is actually a R.F.12. This replaced all existing certificates. Original ones of these are only quite rare.


This changed to the more familiar R.F.60 around 1924


Probably the one most people immediately think of, this is from the 40’s


This is an interesting 6 page monster from WWII (Special order, it’s that big).


The end of the petrol rationing era and getting a bit more ‘anti-forgery’ wise, this is from 1950. The green shows up more in the these images than when printed, as a side effect of image capture.


Early 60’s and the last of the ‘Buff logbooks’


1962 and we’ve gone green.


Mid to late 60’s and the road tax boxes have disappeared


The last style produced from 1971.


After this the V.E.60 changed to the V5, making these obsolete.

This is the first of the V5 logbooks. They have gone the same way as V.E.60 and are obsolete.

Note this is a ‘Novelty Registration Document’ instead of a ‘Vehicle Registration Document’


The V5C has taken over now to be compliant with EU requirements.

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