We currently have around 30 different variations of the Certificate, R.F.12, R.F.42, R.F.60, V.E.60 AND V5′ Style’ logbooks, including 6 different size variations.

Logbooks are printed on good quality paper of the same thickness as original, so they feel right as well as look right.

We fill out the details in the way they would have been filled out originally, so you don’t have to. We have plenty of old examples to go from.

Here is a demo of what can be done. It is a mismatch for demo purposes only.


If you want something specific or different just let us know. We create these logbooks from scratch so can alter anything within reason.

We can put information stamps in your new logbook as an added interest  if you want.

The post office stamp is more subtle than you might initially think. Nobody notices what it says around the outside until you point it out. It does however provide a level of protection for everyone before someone tries to do something they shouldn’t with one and ruin it for everybody.


Finally we add the following on the issuing authority page. We’ve got a growing list of authorities details at the moment, click on ‘Registration Authorities’ link below. All logbooks would have had this in one form or another. Sometimes with sometimes without a border. Wording is open to alteration within reason.

      Registration Authorities