The logbooks we produce are not replica or re-production. They are ‘old style’ logbooks that are similar to what would have been issued.

We have conversed with the DVLA about re-producing R.F.60 and V.E.60 and their response was

“Registration Documents cannot be reproduced or made to look original as there are still valid documents in circulation”

We fully respect this decision. The following is for clarification and is not intended in any way  to be argumentative or cause offence.

The logbooks we produce are not the same and could never be passed off as original. There are numerous differences, such as the extra box across the bottom, the ‘not genuine’ stamp and a few more less obvious differences. Also they are new and they look new. An original would have to be at least 45 years old and potentially up to 100 years old.

With regard to the reason of ‘there are still valid documents still in circulation’ we [personal opinion] think a consideration of the DVLA website below adds further clarification.

as the owners of R.F.60 AND V.E.60 logbooks had until 1983 to convert to the ‘V5’ system, after which that option was closed permanently.

From 1 July 2005 all existing Registration Documents were made invalid and should have been replaced by a V5C to comply with EU directive 1999/37/EC

The V5C was then replaced by a red/pink version from 15 Aug 2010 due to the theft of a number of the green/blue ones.

Now, original logbooks (and tax discs) CAN be used as evidence as part of the process to reclaim a registration number. You do have to go through the relevant owners club and complete the V765 application form which needs to be endorsed by said owners club.

The last thing we want is for somebody to try and do something they shouldn’t with one of our logbooks and ruin it for everyone so this is the reason our logbooks are NOT the same as original.